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Civil Litigation

We offer skilled and reasoned evaluation of the costs and benefits of different approaches to resolving business disputes. We help clients separate emotion from the facts, chart a path to resolution and move as expeditiously as possible to that goal. Business disputes can be both expensive and distracting to the mission of the company. We develop stepwise and individually tailored game plans to accomplish resolution. When the stakes rise to “bet the company” levels, we can recommend and oversee the work of a team of litigators.

Our attorneys have courtroom victories that include: defeating a class action in the Northern District of Texas; winning summary judgments on a novel legal theory in the State Court of California, on a pharmaceutical liability case in the Supreme Court of New York, and on a chemical exposure case in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia; and successful jury and bench trials in New York, the District of Columbia and Maryland. We defend and prosecute negligence cases including product liability cases, professional negligence, and premises liability cases.

The focused areas of our litigation practice are:

1. Business Litigation

We provide a wide variety of services to our business clients ranging from litigating contract disputes concerning business acquisition or sales agreements, non-compete agreements, lease agreements, and construction contracts, to pursuing recoveries for business losses, and assisting in evaluating whether insurance coverage is provided for a loss. We have obtained Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions when business matters are at an immediate danger of disruption.

2. Personal Injury Litigation

Our attorneys defend companies and individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrong or damage to another’s person, rights, reputation, or property resulting from events or activities such as automobile accidents, work-related accidents, defective products, libel and slander, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct, and negligence.

3. Products Liability Litigation and Counseling

We have years of experience in representing businesses that have designed, manufactured, sold, and/or furnished products which have allegedly caused personal injury or property damage. Our attorneys have represented manufacturers of asbestos, apparel, food and agricultural products, electrical devices, medical products and devices, motor vehicles, and pharmaceutical products. We also represent national manufacturers and retailers before the Consumer Product Safety Commission and have negotiated numerous recalls and prevented the imposition of civil penalties.